Indoor Soccer 2


1. Rental reservations can be made Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with the Facilities Manager. Day of reservations on evenings or weekends is the exception to this rule and can be made accordingly.
2. Reservations for indoor fields or courts may be made on a monthly basis with no scheduling made beyond the current calendar month. Tournament rentals are the exception to this rule and will be handled on a case by case. All Tournament Rentals are handled by the Facilities Manager.
3. Indoor rentals are by the 1/2 hour with a minimum of (1) hour. No rentals may go past 9:30 pm.
4. There is a 20% non-profit discount. However, there will be no discount for rentals that are used for private lessons or camps that have a fee.
5. During peak hours (M-F from 6:00 pm – Close) there is a minimum usage of at least (5) people required for court rentals. Example: No rentals can be made for 1 on 1 instruction.
6. Rentals are subject to cancelation for Springdale Parks and Recreation activities or maintenance at any time. Refunds will be given in the case of this type of cancelation.
7. There will be no refunds once the reservation has been made. Adjustments can be made to the reservation (date and time) up to 24 hours before the rental without penalty. Emergency cancelations will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis. Tournament rentals will be structured differently with a non-refundable deposit taken upon reservation.
8. No business may be run out of the Springdale Parks and Recreation Center Facilities. No person renting the facility for lessons or training may keep equipment in the facility, hold office within the facility, take money for services inside the facility, hold long term usage of the facility, or use the Recreation Center as their only location for running a business.
9. Indoor (turf) soccer balls must be used on the soccer fields. They are available for use by checkout at the front desk if they are needed.
10. Field renters may not abuse the facility or equipment in any way. Fields and courts may only be used for their intended use. If you have questions about possible uses for the fields/courts, you must ask before starting the activity. Renters can and will be held accountable for any broken or damaged equipment during usage of the facility. This goes beyond normal wear and tear, but does include any incidents caused by reckless or unauthorized behavior.
11. Conduct within the rental must align with expect conduct for member facility usage. There may be no profanity, aggressive behavior, bullying, offensive action towards others, or creating an environment non-conducive to a family atmosphere. Any conduct infractions can result in penalties that could include expulsion from the facility, cancellation of rental, and loss of ability to reserve fields/courts in the future.
12. Serving food during rentals or tournaments is strictly prohibited without written permission of the Facility Manager. However, teams may bring in one "team cooler" per team during these events.
13. Anytime that there is a court rental and there is admission being charged, there is no outside food/drink allowed with the following exceptions. Individual drinks (ie: individual coffee or person walking in drinking a bottled drink). Teams may bring in (1) team cooler for drinks and/or team snacks. Individuals or teams are not allowed to bring in outside food such as fast food or entire meals for the team or spectators. No coolers other than team coolers will be allowed.

Facility Type Indoor Fields / Courts
Address Line One 1906 Cambridge St
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City, State, Zip Code Springdale, AR 72762
Monday 07:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday 07:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday 07:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Thursday 07:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday 07:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday 08:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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